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HERC Index

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July 2015

Home Extension & Renovation Cost Index

After two months of stability, the HERC Index increased by 0.27% during July. This was attributable to the cost of enhanced worker safety measures and some minor material price rises.

We are pleased to announce that the Index has been extended with the inclusion of 3 new large renovation projects, all first-floor-home additions. A broader range of projects and materials will make the HERC Index even more accurate and confirm its position as the leading home renovation price index in Sydney.

The new projects are as follows:

  • Full brick semi in the Eastern Suburbs
  • Rendered brick home located in the Northern Districts
  • Californian bungalow (North Shore)

Current prices of the new projects range from c.$160,000 to around $310,000. If you are interested, you may explore further details of each project here.